Friday, November 4, 2011

How to Get Rid of a Smelly Vagina For Good!

So, you notice that your vagina has developed an unpleasant smell, it actually smells like fish! How did this happen? It could be a sign that you have contracted bacterial vaginosis. Caused by an imbalance in your body's natural bacteria, particularly bacteria in the vagina. Your hosts millions of bacteria of the vagina, most of which are harmless, and defend against infection. In any healthy woman there will be some pretty nasty bacteria lurking, but their number is relatively small compared to the good bacteria.

smelly vagina appears as a symptom of infection and often accompanied by vaginal discharge of mucus that is thick and creamy. Simply rinse the mucus will not rid the fishy smell, in fact, some women douches can do more harm than good. Washing of infected material further into your body and rinse well of healthy bacteria. In addition they can also contain chemicals that irritate the walls of your vagina, causing itching. So, if you use the shower you need to do very carefully, and not often.

Did you know that there are three simple things you can do for yourself that will get rid of smelly vagina? Advice I'm about to share with you are backed up by solid medical advice and can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. So, stop hiding in your bedroom and put an end to this fish vaginal odor that is so annoying.

Tip one:

to empty your bathroom cabinet of so-called "feminine hygiene" products and deodorizers specially focused on vaginal freshness. Many of them will contain chemicals that will not only cause your vagina, you probably will kill the good bacteria too. This can leave you wide open to become infected. Use non-perfumed soap and water to wash the vagina and wash, rinse and rinse again.

Tip two:

OK look hot in those tight leather pants, but your vagina is really hot. May you think that wearing tight clothes can hide the smell, but they will not mask the smell and they will actually make your condition worse. Not allowing the vagina to breath and causes the sweaty creates the perfect environment for the poor, unhealthy bacteria. Where cotton shorts and skirts to allow for clean, fresh air to circulate.

Tip three:

follow a program designed and proven to cure bacterial vaginosis and say goodbye to smelly vagina for good in just 3 days.


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